A Good Day for Cupcakes


cake close up

So, a year after buying a silicone heart shaped cupcake mould (last V-Day to be exact), I decided to break that puppy out and get my cake bake on!

I created this great two-toned valentine mini cake  with cream cheese frosting – as the photo states, they are seriously delish! An interesting fact about silicone moulds – the cakes are a bit denser than the standard cup cake tin version, which I like. I tried both ways … a girl need a control group, am I right?

The best part is choosing your colours, go wild! red, blue, green, neon yellow, fushia! Sky is the limit, just use gel colours rather than standard food coloring for a richer more saturated hue. Otherwise, you can disturb the liquid to dry ratio of your mix… (…don’t I sound the professional baker)?!



/JJD xo

Owl Wings! For the birthday girl…


My niece, Juno, recently turned 2…and you know what that means.. Her individuality is starting to shine bright bright bright. So, in honour of Juno spreading her proverbial wings (yes, ~I did type that) I created her very own handmade wings… like any crafty auntie would :D

They were such a hit, I thought of making some for myself…I mean halloween is just around the corner. And what girl couldn’t do with a spare set of wings??

As you can see, she rocked them!


Now a few tips:

  • Don’t layer the feathers over each other, this weighs them down and they won’t catch wind as well. Some space is good – I learned this after the fact!
  • Do use a fabric with slide, this helps with movement (poly sateen is good) but not to light like lining fabric as it has no body
  • Add the feathers right up to the edge and then bind with a funky contrast colour, this secure the wings as a single unit (especially if you line yours)

Some pics of the wings process



Let me know how you get on – would love to see how yours turned out!

Cheers! xo JJD

Go on..Mount me

Remembering NYC 2012


Feeling good about finally getting on top of all the projects on my never-ending to do list. This one has been hanging around since last summer! (pardon the pun…)!

So, the story goes something like this — A girlfriend and I are in NYC, for work/trouble and meet up with her EXTREMELY talented cousin, Aaron “Sharp” Goodstone. We hung out, they caught up and I got to check out all his amazing artwork! I suggest you check him out at one of his exhibits and buy some art peeps! He is one of the originals in his genre, so don’t wait, get involved…

Ok – back to the story…Because he is awesome, he gave us each a limited edition print (matching of course, so we wouldn’t fight, ha)! Ahh, he knows so well the workings of the female brain!

Anyway, it has taken me forever to get my sh*t together and frame it – mostly because I was initially daunted by the prospect of putting the darn thing up on the wall and maybe more importantly…I’m slightly lazy…

Once I got started, I decided to add a bit of jazz to the crap plastic frame I picked up — no one told me how bloody expensive frames were, so I’m telling you, get them from a thrift shop and just replace whatever is inside — I haphazardly ..err strategically sprayed my boring frame with baby blue acrylic paint and I think it turned out pretty groovy, you?

Before you get started — Cover your work surface — this seems like a no brainer, but believe, I have ruined many-a-table in my time.

Here are my steps, now go forth and mount up!

* Frame & Frame board (cut to size) *Spray Adhesive * Paint * Your Artwork

OPTIONAL: Choose a color and spray your frame (unintended Sainsbury’s plug, maybe they’ll hook me up on my next shop?)


Follow the images to complete the body and you’re laughing!

grafprint_mount_tech1 copy

Once you have mounted the print to the frame backing (or foam board, as I used), you simply put the frame back together.

And yes, the green lantern frame was another spray project, I like to spray stuff… JJD x

in da kitchen


simple summer skirts…

Make a Circle!!


If you read my post on how I used some old fabric to make a simple circle skirt here — then you know I was quite excited by how quick it was and how well the skirt turned out.

Hence, I kept going!! aaaghhh…

The fabric attacked this time is a great gold metallic coated linen, from a brilliant little shop in Berkeley (err California) called Stone Mountain and Daughter. You might say why oh why are you talking about a shop in another country!!?? Well be really they rock AND they ship :)


Then I discovered this fabulous mud cloth fabric from the African Market in Brixton Village. There are so many to choose from and at such great prices I thought why not try something a bit different. And ended up with this beauty


I know, I know… you are wondering where the *BEEP* are my full looks, aren’t you?? Jeesh, so impatient! Promise to get them up, along with a pattern sketch for you to download  – I usually pattern in size ten as its standard. For bespoke sizes, you will have to hire me :0) !!

Let me know what you think folks xx

Make pretties..


So, I have been a big fan of Garance Dore for some time now (if you don’t know who she is check out her blog, in French and English…another reason she is so cool!) and have decided to follow in her footsteps of posting my original art work on my blog.

This will be a new addition to SMC with a new piece weekly (hopefully) time dependant. As this blog is traditionally to share how to D.I.Y as well as give me an ‘place to make’ – I will stay true to form and provide cheat sheets on how to do quick illustrations yourself and/or tips for watercolor, spray paint or what ever mixed media I am using to create a picture with.

Feel more than free to let me know what you want to see and I will do my best to make it happen. As this blog is ever evolving your input is appreciated!

Post will be broken into stages:  First stage – Drawings. Second stage – colour.

OK – I better get cracking!

Cheers ears JJD xx