Owl Wings! For the birthday girl…


My niece, Juno, recently turned 2…and you know what that means.. Her individuality is starting to shine bright bright bright. So, in honour of Juno spreading her proverbial wings (yes, ~I did type that) I created her very own handmade wings… like any crafty auntie would :D

They were such a hit, I thought of making some for myself…I mean halloween is just around the corner. And what girl couldn’t do with a spare set of wings??

As you can see, she rocked them!


Now a few tips:

  • Don’t layer the feathers over each other, this weighs them down and they won’t catch wind as well. Some space is good – I learned this after the fact!
  • Do use a fabric with slide, this helps with movement (poly sateen is good) but not to light like lining fabric as it has no body
  • Add the feathers right up to the edge and then bind with a funky contrast colour, this secure the wings as a single unit (especially if you line yours)

Some pics of the wings process



Let me know how you get on – would love to see how yours turned out!

Cheers! xo JJD

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